About OO’s

OO’s started its journey in the early years of last decade. It started with a simple idea of bringing art-based design into the work of weavers from rural areas, adding value to  their products, making them competitive and acceptable to city fashionistas. From initial days only, creativity bloomed in the form of fusion of different styles, designs and material. The traditional Bengal Kantha work was combined with hand paint or batik paint, to make unique designs which captured attention of both saree lovers and art lovers equally. Later, the base broadened and covered different crafts from all over India, and an innovation in fusion of colours, patterns, themes from everywhere happened, eventually making OO’s, what it stands for today, a true grass root  Indian brand.

A creation of the founder owner and designer Ms Rinkoo Ray Das, OO’s journey has been a team work involving craftsmen, weavers, suppliers and constant support of the buyers, admirers of its products.    

Now, as it stands, OO’s Saree is more than a fashion statement or a style statement.
It’s like water, each acquires the shape and style of individual who wears it. OO’s saree does not style you but you style it when you drape it. Every saree is designed with a finer sense of art that makes it universal.
You need not search for the right colour or design from the collection as each one of these sarees are actually for everyone and anyone, for every and any women. It’s a mode of expression of your individuality.

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